Backwoods Christian Camp’s motto, “A Christian Camp for Every Child”, is being seen not only as a motto but as an attitude. In 2006 our board made it a goal to help start 100 new camps in the next 200 years. Taking the Gospel around the world to young people through Christian camps has proven to be a wonderful way to reach the lost. In the last 6 years we’ve had a part in 342 souls putting on Christ at 12 different camps in 6 different countries. We have multiple sites requesting our help and we’re trying to coordinate with them for the future. Apart from our local site located in Lineville, AL, we currently have camps in Cambodia, Guyana, South America, Sevierville, TN and Tanzania, Africa. Want to start a camp? We’d love to help! Have a look at one of our Mission Camp brochures.

Our overseas mission camps