The Boy’s Cabin

During most sessions, our 4th-6th grade and 7th-8th grade male campers stay here, in “the boys’ cabins on the hill.  “The cabins are ideally suited to housing young boys, as

  1. The walk up the hill might be detrimental to other people’s health.
  2. Of all the cabins at BCC, these 2 are closest to the river.

Between the cabins is a bathroom/shower house, which boasts of two water heaters, creating a near limitless supply of hot water.

The Barn

The Barn is aptly named, as it started its life as an actual, functioning barn.

Nowadays, however, it has a job even more challenging than holding cows–holding Senior boys. During most sessions the Barn serves as home for the 9-12th grade young men. It also functions as the starting point for the Cable Ride.

The Girl’s Cabin

All female campers and counselors stay here, in the Girls’ Cabin. The spacious cabin has two levels, plenty of windows, and an adjacent shower house. Despite it’s relative opulence, rumors of the cabin having hidden big-screen televisions and air conditioning are pure speculation. Spacious though it may be, given current trends in camp attendance, we foresee needing additional female housing space in the near future.

The Mess Hall

Our mess hall currently serves as mess hall and meeting center. Classes, worship services, and fierce games of ping-pong all call the air conditioned confines of the Mess Hall “home.” It is our hope that eventually we’ll be able to construct a dedicated chapel building, and the Mess Hall will be able to be simply that-a mess hall.

The Old Place

The oldest of all camp buildings, “The Old Place” as it’s affectionately known currently has many roles at BCC. The porch is home to devotionals, impromptu singing sessions, and the two most popular swings at camp. Inside, the ‘game room’ houses an air hockey table and a foosball table. In the back, an entire section of the building serves as home to each camp week’s directors. The building, which was built over 100 years ago, originally served as home to the Rice family.

Nurse’s Cabin

This is our Nurse’s Cabin. It is here that campers, and counselors, come to receive treatment for their nicks, scrapes, chigger bites, and other miscellaneous booboos. The cabin is well stocked with necessary medical supplies, and is the exclusive domain of the week’s Camp Nurse. The Nurse’s Cabin has the distinction of being the first of all BCC buildings to have had air-conditioning installed.

The Cook’s Cabin

After years of staying in various trailers, the cooks now have their very own BCC-made cabin. Featuring all the amenities of home (bathrooms, showers, washer and dryer, air-conditioning), the cabin is a welcome addition to the camp grounds. Our cooks deserve nothing less.