BCC Rules

  1. Kindness
  2. Boy-Girl relationships are restricted to the holding of hands only
  3. Dress Code:
    1. Shoes must be worn at all times
    2. T-shirts and jeans are appropriate
    3. All clothing must come to the knee
    4. The following dress is not appropriate and is forbidden; Halter tops, Exposed midriffs, Tank tops or spaghetti straps, See-through clothing, Any clothing that would be considered lascivious or immodest, Clothing that advertises or promotes alcohol, drugs or immoral behavior
  4. Moral Character:
    1. Absolutely no tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, other than prescription drugs, which are to be given to the nurse on arrival
    2. Language and behavior should be Christ-like
  5. Not permitted: knives, firearms or weapons of any kind, iPods, mp3 players, cell phones, CD players, portable electronic games, or any other form of electronic entertainment is permitted on camp grounds. Any that are found will be kept until parents can personally retrieve them.
  6. Hazing and care of private property:
    1. No camper will be permitted to commit any act toward another camper which will endanger the usefulness of his/her private property and/or his/her personal safety
    2. This camp has been donated for camper use. Therefore, all food is to be fed to campers and all trash is to be fed to the trash cans. We insist that the camp be left cleaner when we leave than it was when we arrived
  7. Primarily, a camper is responsible to his/her counselor. However, any camper is subject to the authority of any counselor, any time, any place
  8. Every camper is to be present for all scheduled activities unless otherwise excused by a camp director or nurse
  9. Campers must report to his/her counselor before going to the nurse or director, except in an emergency
  10. Only sickness will excuse one from missing any spiritual activity
  11. Campers must stay within the camp boundaries
  12. Campers must abide by curfew rules
  13. Kindness

More Rules

  1. Kindness
  2. Life preservers must be worn at all times when at the river
  3. Two t-shirts must be worn by girls in water activities
  4. Wet clothes should be hung on clothes lines in the sun
  5. No writing on the walls of any camp property, especially the barn and old house
  6. No camper can go home mid-week without permission from the director and written consent from parents
  7. Use self-control when eating at the canteen (limit drinks and candy)
  8. NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN THE CABINS. Ants and rats will be your bunkmates if you invite them
  9. Have fun safely
  10. Leave all wild animals alone
  11. No drinking after each other
  12. No one is to be in the kitchen except kitchen staff
  13. Air horns are to be used in case of emergency only
  14. No girls in boys’ cabins and no boys in girls’ cabins
  15. Always get a new plate for second helpings at meals, (per State Health Department regulations)
  16. When the bell rings, proceed quickly to the next scheduled activity
  17. Make sure all campers and counselors know who the nurse is
  18. Kindness